Things to do in the Poconos

There are so many things to do in the Poconos, let our visitors tell you why Pocono Snake and Animal Farm needs to be on your list…

“My mom brought me here when I was a kid and I loved it. My son is 5 and we have been there twice so far. Some of the animals I fed as a kid are still there! It’s like $7 and change and fun for an hour or 2.” ~ Stacy O.

“This place is just so cool…. I was a little nervous about some reviews I read saying the animals weren’t cared for correctly etc… And it’s not much to look at from outside but that all being said it was the highlight of our trip!!! It was so amazing to feed the monkeys and the bear… Also to bottle feed the goats deer and pigs was a blast… They have many animals that were features on tv with famous animal man jack Hanna…… And u know he wouldn’t b associated with a place that takes I’ll care of animals… The staff was awesome and very knowledgable when they talked about the animals it was as though they were talking about members of their family… And since most of the animals are rescues you can tell how deeply thy care…. My best tip for you is to buy at least two cups of monkey food and don’t rush so fun can’t wait to go back in spring with my 6 yr old!!!!” ~ AvonFF

“We were staying at the Great Wolf Lodge and wanted a break from the water park. Since my son loves snakes, we decided to check this place out. I got tears of joy from this place. I never thought I would get to feed a monkey or bottle feed a pig. Fred, the 40 year old monkey, was a riot. He purposely bangs on the glass to make you jump and laugh. He moves lightning quick, so he will get you over and over again. Although the place is tiny, I think we were there for 2 hours because none of us wanted to leave. We could watch them all day. My boys loved the black bear and the sound he made chewing his kibble in the pvc pipe. What an awesome experience. It was the highlight of my trip to the Poconos and I can’t wait to get back for another visit!!!!”  ~ Dawn P.

“My husband and I shared a great visit at the Pocono Snake & Animal Farm with our two grandson’s both under the age of 10. They loved it!!! They are still taking about how much fun it was see the cobra snake, feeding the animals (bears, goats, monkeys). Would recommend as a great place to visit and share memories.”  ~ Linda M.

“More than a zoo is an understatement J It was beyond more fun than a zoo. Their staff was extremely nice and the sights were awesome. This place had rescued animals from labs, you can interact with the animals which were ALL very very cool and all around such amazing fun. I strongly suggest a visit if your in the area! Great Job, we will be back again!!!”  ~ Sethro8420