Educational Activities

ProgramPocono Snake & Animal Farm not only provides family fun at our Marshalls Creek attraction; we also provide entertainment and educational activities with school field trips spring and fall, and with our offsite programs, including birthday party presentations, school assembly programs, and environmental camp shows.

While the Lowris family cares for the animals at the farm, Pete Mackevich works with us as our wildlife lecturer, and has over thirty years of experience with our family presentations at places such as Pocono Sports Camp, Pocono Environmental Education Center,  Northeastern Audubon Society programs, school assembly programs, birthday parties, and other events.

This program consists of the handling and discussion of various species, and may include such animals:

  • crocodileMadagascan Ringtail Lemur
  • 3-Foot Alligator
  • True Chameleon (with cricket-zapping demo!)
  • Large Tortoise or Mata-Mata Turtle
  • Huge Marine Toad
  • Python
  • Texas Armadillo,
  • **Venomous reptiles (upon request):  rattler, water mocassin, copperhead, cobra, Gila Monster

**  Venomous reptiles are surgically de-venomized.

For fees and/or to schedule a program, contact Noreen Lowris, either: