Animal Attraction in the Poconos

Animal HighlightsWhat’s so neat and unique about our facility is that we are small in area, yet rich in animals.  This animal attraction in the Poconos is great for families with small children, or adults who don’t want to spend half a day at the zoo.  We are uniquely designed to be visited in about an hour’s time, a perfect interval for children of all ages to enjoy interactive fun with animals.

Pocono Snake & Animal Farm receives donated animals from time to time.  Although we are not a rehabilitation facility, we do accept healthy and people-acclimated animals occasionally, and we also accept reptiles, when and if we have cage space available.

We house and raise many different kinds of animals, such as bear, deer, bobcats, monkeys, lemurs, sloths, chinchillas, raccoon, macaws, alligators, huge snapping turtle, etc.

We believe (and have been told) we have one of the most interesting collection of reptiles anywhere. In addition to a King Cobra, African Puff Adder, many species of rattlesnakes and cobras, our reptile highlights presently include a 23-foot Reticulated Python and a 150 year-old, 150 pound Alligator Snapping Turtle.


We are also home to families of sloths and lemurs, our 30 year old monkey “Fred”, who loves to startle the tourists, our peanut-catching Capuchin Monkeys (who could put some professional short-stops to shame) and our petting area, where you can bottle-feed pot-belly pigs and mini-goats.

Don’t miss feeding the alligators in our pond in summer (and don’t worry, it’s not “finger” food!  It’s perfectly safe!).