Animal Attraction in the Poconos

Animal HighlightsWhat’s so neat and unique about our facility is that we are small in area, yet rich in animals.  This animal attraction in the Poconos is great for families with small children, or adults who don’t want to spend half a day at the zoo.  We are uniquely designed to be visited in about an hour’s time, a perfect interval for children of all ages to enjoy interactive fun with animals.

Pocono Snake & Animal Farm receives donated animals from time to time.  Although we are not a rehabilitation facility, we do accept healthy and people-acclimated exotic animals occasionally, and we also accept reptiles when and if we have cage space available.

We house and raise many different kinds of animals such as bear, bobcats, serval, monkeys, lemurs, sloths, chinchillas, raccoons, wallabies, macaw, pot-belly pigs, goats, alligators, huge snapping turtle, etc.

We have one of the most interesting collection of reptiles anywhere. In addition to several species of rattlesnakes, our reptile highlights include a Gaboon Viper, lizards, many species of venomous and non-venomous snakes, a Reticulated Python and a 90-pound Alligator Snapping Turtle.

This mini-zoo is interactive, and we feature up-close viewing and safe/fun feeding opportunities with monkeys, lemurs, bear, lizards, goats, and pot-belly pigs. Our approved organic animal treats are available for purchase at our front counter at the entrance. No outside food or drink (except water) is allowed.